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Go to Isla Mujeres: Know the best way to go

Isla Mujeres is a mandatory visit when you’re on vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, for this reason, we show you the best and quick alternative to visiting this stunning island.

The first to consider is to take the ferry shuttle at the Ultramar Terminal, the ships are very easy to recognize thanks to their yellow color. 

Getting the tickets to Isla Mujeres is easy peasy, at the beach entrance, you will find yellow kiosks where you can buy them or if you prefer to book online is an alternative to reduce time.

Master Exchange


According to the official page, the schedule departing from Playa Tortugas to Isla Mujeres is every hour starting at 9 AM every day. The fares could be one-way or round trip. These are the ticket prices:

  • Adults One Way 15 USD Round Trip 21 USD
  • Childs One Way 10 UDS Round Trip 15 USD


With this info you’re ready to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Isla Mujeres, don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

Cambio de Dólares Isla Mujeres


Just remember to exchange dollars before departure to have a better experience at the island. Lucky for you Master Exchange has an office close to the beach where you can exchange money at the best rate.

No. de Registro: 21286

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